The HYDRADRIVE brand name stands for Quality, Reliability, Durability and Service excellence.
Over the past decade the Hydradrive range has grown to establish itself as the premium brand available in the market today. With  almost 2500 part numbers available, the HYDRADRIVE brand offers solutions to almost every hydraulic application for both light and heavy duty vehicles. As the preferred supplier to various OEM`S Hydradrive cylinders have proven reliability and performance standards. By using raw materials of the highest quality we are able to offer a 1 YEAR WARRANTY, thereby setting a new standard for the industry.

The BETTABRAKE range of replacement hydraulic clutch and brake cylinders offer a viable alternative to those aftermarket sectors where cost and affordability is of the utmost importance. A 12 MONTH WARRANTY substantiates our belief that BETTABRAKE is the best choice of brand for these sectors.
Automated manufacturing techniques combined with quality
control standards of the highest level ensures correctness of
surface finish, parallelism, oscillation and balance.

Dedicated product development ensures range expansion
while keeping up to date with new vehicle releases.

With proven reliability, safety and comfort the DCell
range of discs and drums has been established as
a leading brand in the automotive aftermarket.
A 12 MONTH WARRANTY is offered as standard
for additional peace of mind.

In order to service our customers with all their hydraulic cylinder requirements we also remanufacture (sleeve with stainless steel). This allows us to refurbish obsolete units that are no longer available as new product.

These products are the end result of precise and complex engineering practices. The technology used in our factory is linked to a program of continuous product improvement by developing superior equipment and environmentally friendly manufacturing techniques.

Our final product goes through extensive quality assurance tests on specially developed testing facilities, the only of its kind, to ensure your safety and peace of mind. All stainless steel sleeved units are backed by a LIFETIME WARRANTY and are rebuilt to original specifications.
Hydraulic Brake and Clutch Cylinders
Brake Discs and Drums
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